How To Grow Long Nails. My Nail Care Routine!

How To Grow Long Nails. My Nail Care Routine!

This would have to had been my most requested video, ever! I am always asked how I grow my nails so long without them breaking and in this video I show you all of my tips and secrets.

Yes, I like my nails being longer than most people do. This is my normal ‘medium’ length. No, I do NOT care if you think they are too long. If you don’t like them then that’s absolutely fine because they are on MY fingers and not yours. Please try your hardest to not leave rude comments. They will not be welcome or tolerated.

The products shown were:

Swisse Women’s Ultivite & Hair Skin Nails Vitamins
Available at, your local pharmacy (Australia) or Walgreens (USA).

Vaseline Nail Strengthening Hand Lotion
Available at your local supermarket (I got mine at Coles).

Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream
Available at your local pharmacy or local Target.

Cuticle Oils
These were all purchased from a variety of websites. and were the two main ones.

LUSH Lemony Flutter
Available from or your local LUSH store.

Essie Grow Stronger
I bought this from Priceline. Available anywhere Essie is sold.

I was not sponsored by any of the companies of the products shown in this video and all the products I bought with my own money. They work for me but I can not guarantee they will work as well on you. Every person is different.

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Music : Kevin MacLeod